Labor sets itself apart from troubled wa government in its support for the rights of women

Labor sets itself apart from troubled wa government in its support for the rights of women

Militant women activists have accused the government of failing to take on a feminist agenda for gender equality after it established an expert panel to discuss ways to tackle gender inequality.

The Women’s Equality party, which is backed by prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and was elected in June, announced the panel on Sunday.

In his maiden speech to the party’s conference, Turnbull described the panel as a “unique initiative” designed to look at “how we can develop an expert b부산출장안마ody which will be dedicated to making gender equality a priority”.

“There is a growing recognitio생방송 바카라n, especially among Australians, that women’s rights are far too often ignored, and that we can’t afford to continue to look inward to the past as if we only needed to fix our own brokenness.”

He said it would be designed to identify areas of potential gender equality, focusing on “how we can better tackle the inequality of power between men and women, and how we can strengthen and support female leadership in the workplace, and in politics”.

Labor’s senior spokeswoman in the prime minister’s cabinet, Tanya Plibersek, said the panel was “very welcome” and “quite frankly a step in the right direction”.

“For too long we’ve seen feminism as the preserve of those who’ve left the country. It is only recently that we’ve seen women like Cathy O’Brien being invited to share in the vision for a fairer and more prosperous Australia.”

A former head of the department of women’s studies, Plibersek said the panel would not include political scientists.

She said the role of women in society had traditionally been a “one size fits all” endeavour, and her recommendation that the panel should be headed by a male would not be met with enthusiasm by those who did not believe in the equality of the sexes.

The new committee will be headed by Australian Christian Lobby and will seek to provide women “real-time information” about opportunities for participati엠 카지노 도메인on in political discussion, the group said in a statement.

In a separate statement, the Christian lobby said it welcomed the new panel and the fact that the panel would look into women in political life and society.

“Christian culture is full of love and charity towards women and we welcome the establishment of such an advisory group, with a focus on women’s opportunities in politics and society. The establishment of such an advisory group will help facilitate the wider discussion that women need to have with al

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